Post-Divorce Modifications

The only certainty in life is that things may change. If your divorce agreement has been finalized, but you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances since then, you may need to seek modifications to certain terms of your agreement. It is important to seek legal help when doing so. Attempting to change the rules without gaining court approval can have disastrous consequences.

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Which Terms Can Be Modified?

Many aspects of a divorce decree are final and thus not subject to modification. However, the law recognizes that unforeseen life changes such as the loss of a job, a significant change in income or plans to move out of state may impact the terms of a divorce agreement. As such, it may be possible to make changes to orders for child custody, child support or spousal support.

Everyone's case is different and every life change may not be substantial enough for a court to grant a modification. That is why it is important to have skilled legal counsel on your side that can advocate for your interests and argue for or against a modification to your divorce agreement.

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