Skilled Representation In Child Support Matters

When parents divorce or otherwise separate, children are often at the center of many of the issues that must be settled. In addition to reaching a determination regarding child custody and visitation, there are also issues surrounding financial support for a child.

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Determining Support Amounts

In many cases, determining the amount of child support that a parent may expect to pay or receive is a relatively simple matter. Arkansas has clear guidelines in place to calculate support amounts. Several factors may be used in making a determination, with the income of both parents being the primary factor. However, some cases are not so simple and it is important to retain skilled legal counsel to ensure that your interests are protected throughout this process.

Child Support Enforcement

Enforcement is a common issue that may arise after a support determination has been made. If your ex is underpaying or has stopped making support payments altogether, we can help determine your options for enforcing the order. This may involve wage garnishment or even seeking a contempt of court order. Alternatively, if your ex is accusing you of not fully paying your support obligations, we can help tell your side of the story in court.

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